Words from a Wolfie: Carter

I've been skating with Wolverhampton Honour Rollers for more than 5 years but less than 7. I'm not one for keeping bout programmes or certificates. I don't squirrel them away in a home made Kirsty Allsop memory box. I am very envious of folks that do that but sadly im not organised enough. I once woke up with a torn and crumpled MVP certificate in my bra after a particular messy Christmas party. Its not that I didn't appreciate it. I clearly put it there to keep it safe.

Over the many years I've had lots of roles in the league. I've been chair of our board, I've been active on lots of committees and my favourite job will always be being our voice on facebook. I once drove a 350 mile round trip to collect new bout tops for the following day. 

Roller derby has challenged me, its made me brave. I've struggled with head weebles and won. I am definitely fitter and stronger. I've learnt to hold my tongue and be patient and wait till I get home to roll my eyes. 

The intensity of a league is something I've never experienced before. I've sobbed during the worst times but I've also laughed till I've wee'ed. I've developed friendships that I hope will last. I've felt genuine pride in my team mates achievements on and off track. My derby friends gym with me, go for cake with me, they laugh and listen to my woes. I've shared in their weddings, their children's milestones, too many nights out to remember, mud runs galore and skating road trip adventures. 

If I could tell my freshie self anything I would probably tell myself to chill a bit but the intensity for me has always been part of my roller derby experience. I am probably reaching the end of my journey and new adventures await. But right now I will carry on and resolve myself to ugly toenails because i love being a Wolfie. 

Roller derby. Its been a blast!