WHR vs MKRD - The Concrete Cows face the Wolf Pack in their neck of the woods!

I love hosting our own games, we don’t have a chance to do it very often so when we do it's a real treat. Its a wonderful chance to meet all of your teammates friends and families and to show off what it is their beloved wife/girlfriend/daughter/mother/auntie/sister does with all of their spare time and why they’re so in love with it! There's always great home baked cakes and snacks courtesy of our more culinarily talented members, stalls selling merch, equipment and fab handmade wares, loads of laughs and smiles and all to an awesome soundtrack provided by our very own resident gameday DJ Ade Banditmonkey Cox! Saturday 22nd July was no exception when we hosted Gameday 6 for the British Championships T3 Regional West Division.

When I arrived the first bout between Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby and Leicestershire Dolly Rockit Rollers was in full swing. My gameday nerves and the excitement of seeing so many of my team members in one place meant that I unfortunately didn't get a chance to really immerse myself in the action. It was a hard fought game against two fantastic teams, both of which we have faced earlier in the year, with Dolly Rockits emerging victorious at the final whistle with the score standing at DRR 160 HH 115.

Now it was our turn to take to the track. This was a big day, not only because we were hosting but also because it would be the last game that we would play for our fantastic A team trainer and Bench Coach JC! He’s been such a hugely positive influence on the team since he started training us that we really wanted to play our best and make him proud.

Once the warm ups and skate outs were all done we gained an early lead with the scores standing at WHR 44 MK 27 15 minutes in. We were managing to put in to play a lot of the drills and strategies which we had been working on with JC over the past 6 months and all of our hard work seemed to be paying off. Some fantastic Jamming by Alchemi and Binty Vicious coupled with strong offence and control of the opposing jammer by our two alternating lines of blockers meant that by halftime, we were 100 points ahead! WHR 142 MK 42. We’ve had a very mixed season this year, so to have a halftime lead like this at our home game was a fantastic feeling. This gave us the confidence we needed to smash into the second half and work on increasing our lead. There were standout performances by so many of our players that its hard to give everyone a mention but Mabel in a China Shop in particular was on fire! Every time I jammed she was right there, making gaps and giving me the offence I needed to get through. As our youngest and one of our tiniest players, that's no mean feat against Milton Keynes I can tell you!


As the final whistle sounded on one of the best games the team has ever had, we were happy to have given JC the win we knew he deserved. Final Score WHR 333 Mk 101. The day ended with lots of hugs, photos, presentations and even a few tears and reminded us exactly what this is all about!


Best of luck and thank you for everything JC, your Wolf Pack are going to miss you!


Love and bruises from Miss Thunderkiss Xxx


© Photography courtesy of Steve Kilmister Photography



Words from a Wolfie: Carter

I've been skating with Wolverhampton Honour Rollers for more than 5 years but less than 7. I'm not one for keeping bout programmes or certificates. I don't squirrel them away in a home made Kirsty Allsop memory box. I am very envious of folks that do that but sadly im not organised enough. I once woke up with a torn and crumpled MVP certificate in my bra after a particular messy Christmas party. Its not that I didn't appreciate it. I clearly put it there to keep it safe.

Over the many years I've had lots of roles in the league. I've been chair of our board, I've been active on lots of committees and my favourite job will always be being our voice on facebook. I once drove a 350 mile round trip to collect new bout tops for the following day. 

Roller derby has challenged me, its made me brave. I've struggled with head weebles and won. I am definitely fitter and stronger. I've learnt to hold my tongue and be patient and wait till I get home to roll my eyes. 

The intensity of a league is something I've never experienced before. I've sobbed during the worst times but I've also laughed till I've wee'ed. I've developed friendships that I hope will last. I've felt genuine pride in my team mates achievements on and off track. My derby friends gym with me, go for cake with me, they laugh and listen to my woes. I've shared in their weddings, their children's milestones, too many nights out to remember, mud runs galore and skating road trip adventures. 

If I could tell my freshie self anything I would probably tell myself to chill a bit but the intensity for me has always been part of my roller derby experience. I am probably reaching the end of my journey and new adventures await. But right now I will carry on and resolve myself to ugly toenails because i love being a Wolfie. 

Roller derby. Its been a blast!